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Haha guess who still enjoys the fuck outta this pairing? THIS GAL! 8D

Nah but I had a few RariTwi themed drawings lying around and I figured I could just post them all up in one post, so here it be! The first two are commissions for :iconhaycartesiangeometry: and Monochromatic respectfully, whereas the last one was just me doodlin' about for fun. <:

I'm kinda in a hurry so I can't write more at the moment but I hope ya enjoy the art! And bask in the beauty that is RariTwi in my absence. uwu

Other images in the source are uploaded separately, so split off the top image.
safe (1520074) artist:earthsong9405 (584) edit (110207) rarity (165196) twilight sparkle (275886) oc (583396) oc:amethyst (85) oc:lavender (208) alicorn (183383) bat pony (40369) bat pony alicorn (1325) pony (796300) unicorn (244252) blaze (coat marking) (752) blushing (167250) chest fluff (29794) cloven hooves (8278) colored hooves (4046) commission (46635) cropped (41183) family (3829) female (845393) filly (56481) foal (14056) kiss on the cheek (1380) kissing (21623) laughing (6707) leonine tail (6632) lesbian (88752) magical lesbian spawn (9346) mare (386326) nuzzling (3583) offspring (31900) one eye closed (23333) parent:rarity (3316) parent:twilight sparkle (6793) parents:rarilight (105) piebald colouring (100) rarilight (1701) shipping (177013) socks (coat marking) (1510) species swap (17357) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110772) unshorn fetlocks (20875) wing claws (296)


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