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It has been way, way to long since I've had the time to do one of these, but I am by no means done yet. :D

I've wanted to do Sunset for a while, and I figured it be a good excuse to draw a human character. I'm mostly ok with how EQG Sunset came out, but there are a few problems. Mainly the awkward turned-in duckfoot pose. But for the life of me, I couldn't make the legs look even halfway decent in any other configuration. Something to work on. :D

I'd actually like to do a part two for this, showing a couple of the magical girl type transformations from the EQ movies, as well as an alicorn version. The former because it'd be great practice drawing ze peoplez, and the later because, I mean, come on. She deserves it. I've got at least one other headcanon to do first though. One that a lot of people have asked about. :D

There's a common misconception in some parts of equestria that all really powerful unicorns have some sort of kirin ancestry. This does actually have some basis in reality, as unicorns and kirin can interbreed without too many problems. Foals born to unicorn/kirin couples tend to have volatile, strong magic, and often have fire affinities. It is by no means a prerequisite for being a powerful mage though, and many strong spellcasters don't have so much as a drop of kirin blood. Sunset shimmer's heritage, however, is as clear as the fur on her tail and the horn on her head. Realy, it's a miracle she wasn't born with scales. She has been known to burst into flames once in a while though.
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
A Unicorn/Kirin Sunset mix a great idea and I really enjoy the human drawing of her as well. I can't wait for part two with the magical girl transformations for her human form and the alicorn for her pony form.
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