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suggestive126305 artist:chub-wub216 applejack157309 fluttershy195848 pinkie pie201450 rainbow dash217283 rarity168010 twilight sparkle279913 anthro226144 earth pony190748 pegasus232699 pony827384 unicorn257921 abs8919 appledash5280 applejack gets all the mares66 applejacked1006 applepie742 appleshy1181 armpits41235 blushing172710 book30169 breasts235100 clothes401429 digital art10960 female880471 floppy ears45952 lesbian91319 mane six29022 mare404645 muscles9601 rarijack6545 shipping181592 simple background338115 smiling210053 spread wings46824 stretching1998 twijack1062 varying degrees of want632 white background84909 wingboner7719 wings72135


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Background Pony #ED28
Do you think it's just Applejack, or does the whole Apple family have abs-of-greater-seduction? That might explain why their family's as big as it is.