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Uploaded by Background Pony #D8ED
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Originally posted on: May 3, 2016
Ahah! I had fun with this~ :D
Maybe it's the wings that makes it enjoyable- mmmmmmaybe
Supposed to be left as flat colors, but I can't just leave that mechanical wing. hOwWW dO YoUUS sHaDEE StteEL aAAaaaAAAAA
Am proud of that face with the eyes tho. Thas adorable if I do say so myself :''''''D

Hope those are the right colors, I sorta referenced them from this pic- ;;

Request for and character belonging to imakatlover

2 May 2016
safe (1522422) artist:mcwolfity (186) oc (573039) oc only (393187) oc:lightning strike (12) pegasus (221195) pony (796964) :d (726) amputee (3986) artificial wings (1188) augmented (1922) ear piercing (19672) earring (16476) jewelry (46009) open mouth (115925) pegasus oc (3279) piercing (32248) prosthetic limb (2424) prosthetic wing (655) prosthetics (2797) simple background (324257) smiling (202260) solo (936908) transparent background (169239) wings (65358)


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