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Name: Midsummer Sun
Nickname(s): Summer
Species/Gender: Human(Unicorn)/Female
Mark/Talent: A stylizied, somewhat dark sun, surrounded by barely visible stars. Represents her talent for leadership and how she can find the bright side in any situation. (Though, she doesn't know that)
Personality: Tries to stay optimistic, impatient, full of energy. Insecure in her intelligence, but tries to not let it show. Cool under pressure. Very competative. Quick temper, but generallt kind.
Important relationships:
Human!Twilight Sparkle (Mother) — They do love each other, but almost fell apart when Summer was little and Sparkle just kept trying to push/help her to do better in school. They got over it, but Summer can't help but feel like a bit of a dissapointment.

Sunset Shimmer (Mother) — While better than Sparkle at not pushing Summer quite so much, Summer still can't help but feel like her mother's love hinges on her performing well at other activities.

Winter Solstice (Younger Brother, no ref yet) — She won't admit it, but she is really jealous of him. He's incedibly smart, both in book learning and in general problem solving, and is already learning several grades ahead. He's also a huge brat about it, and will often tease her over how much better in school he's doing than her. They don't get along.

Equinox (Youngest Brother, no ref yet) — She likes Equinox much better than Winter, since he's much calmer, less bratty, and has some of the same interests as her. They often play video games together.

When Sunset Shimmer and human!Twilight Sparkle (Usually referred to as Sparkle when in the pony-world, which is what I'll use from now on to refer to her as), decided that they wanted to be parents, they originally planned to adopt a child. However, due to their "mysterious dissappearences" over the years (emergencies in Equestria), criminal track record (magical problems requiring them to play superheros, and not always getting away before the cops arrived) and history of physical and mental problems as teens and young adults, that wasn't going to happen. They briefly considered adopting in equestria, since they didn't have to hide anything there and would probably be approved (also helps to be frieds with royalty), but then they would either have to move there or bring a baby to another world, with no explanation of where it came from. The first option were unappealing since their friends and family lived in the human world and the second option was downright immoral and illegal.

So since adoption was pretty much out of the picture, they decided to instead have one themselves. Sperm donation was a possiblility, but they figured that since they had access to an alternate univere full of magic, they might as well use it -since in Equestria there's a spell which allows any two ponies to have kids together, provided they have someone to carry the foal. The wait is usually pretty long, but luckily for them, Twilight knew the spell from when she and Rarity had their child. They decided that Sparkle would carry the foal, which essentially stranded her in Equestria for 11 months as they didn't want to risk going through the mirror while pregnant. A combination of magic, Twilight, and their friends on the other side of the mirror was enough to convince the human authorities/doctors that Sparkle was pregnant, and that she'd taken time off of her work until the baby was born at home.

When the foal finally arrived and declared healthy, they were both very eager to return home. However, when they passed through the mirror there were complications and the baby had to be rushed to the hospital. Summer did recover fully eventually, but had to spend some time at the hospital, was very letharic as a baby and a bit slow developmentally-wise. She had recovered and caught up by the time she stared pre-school though.

Still, the incident was really scary, so just to be on the safe side, Sparkle and Sunset didn't let her through the mirror again until she was much older and they had prepared paramedics to wait on both sides.

So she grew up in the human world, with next to no interaction with her birthplace. If it wasn't for her mom being able to levitate objects, her mama being able to read people's minds or how they both and all her aunts could turn into anthropomorphic ponies, she'd probably not even believe them that she was from another world. Her childhood was fairly normal -going to school, playing video-games, having sleep-overs, staying with her grandma for a week because a monster had appeared in europe and her moms had to go take care of it… ok, so, as close to normal as her parents could make it, at least.

She's actually not that academically inclined, much to her over-achieving mothers' confusion. She had a few niche interests, like video games, which she knew practically everything about -But aside from that, she was either average or below it in most subjects. This really caused her and Sparkle to butt heads a lot when she was a kid, as Sparkle tried to help (see "force") Summer to become a prodigy like her. Sunset was a bit more diplomatic and laid-back, but still focused so much energy on helping Summer with schoolwork that Summer can't help but feel a bit like they're both dissapointed in her. She tried to make up for it by focusing on being the best at other things -such as sports. She's now great at track and field and a star player for her local youth soccer team.

She doesn't have a big cutie mark origin story -she couldn't get a cutie mark as a human, so when she finally came to Equestria she was just generally confused as to what it meant.

She currently lives in the human world, and dreads how soon she'll start high-school. She's made a few trips to Equestria, and get's just as embarrased over the lack of clothes every time. Still, there's something to satisfying about being able to use magic, that she's kinda considering different ways she could stay there for longer…

Since she'd a teenager at the time the major story parts starts, like with Crystal Corolla, I decided to include both he teenage and adult form in he reference (Unlike the others, who only get baby-child-adult). However, in this case, I also had to depict her in whichever form she was at that age; so as a baby she was both a pony and a human, as a child she was only a human, and as a teenager/adult she was/will be mainly a pony. Yeah, spoilers, she's gonna end up staying in Equestria.

She'd actually probably be a bit of a rebel-kid, sneaking out at night to try light beer and pretend to be drunk, if she wasn't such a huge stickler for the rules. She certainly feels alienated and overly confident the way only teens can, enough for her to want to get away and stick it to her parents. As is, she just plays shooters when her moms' not nearby to hear her mutter obscenities at the other players.

Quite popular and social in school. Doesn't have a hard time getting friends; though she doesn't really have any bffs or really close friends, which is something she wishes for. Still, they're nice and she doesn't suffer from lack of company. They're just not people she'd be comfortable sharing deep secrets with.

Neither her parents nor her can cook. Luckily her moms have pretty high paying jobs, so they eat out a lot. She also doesn't quite know how to do laundry, or vacuum effectively… or go grocery shopping… dishes….

Yeah, she suffers a bit from rich-kid syndrome -as mentioned, her parents make pretty good money so she's a bit callous with it. She's not malicous, just ignorant. She hasn't quite realised just how well she has it yet though she is still just a young to mid-teenager, so she has time to learn.

The reason she's slightly "fluffier" as a teen than as an adult, is that she's just not groomed… like at all. She didn't have any fur before, and after her mane gets tousled theres not much she can do. Hooves are lumps where her hands should be, and magic is still uncontrollable for her. So she lives her first times in Equestria with fur laying against the grain and untrimmed fet-locks. She doesn't mind though, being a pony is too much fun to care.

She is very difficult for me to get a proper feel for, so don't be overly suprised if I change info on here later.
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