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A couple of years since celestia and luna retired. Discord and Celestia area a couple who are engaged.

Discord told her about his family who he hasn't seen for over a thousand years and his home. He asks her to move to his homeland since they are engaged. Celestia wanting to know more about his origins agreed to live at his old home.

They arrived at a land far away and hidden from equestria and other countries. The city had weird buildings and is filled with many draconequus doing some chaos, but it was very peaceful somthing she was suprised about.

After discord recived a brief welcome home celebration. They met up with discord parents and had a tearful reunion ams many of discord brother and sisters and other family members were huging. When the parents met celestia at first it was awkward, but the parents warmed up to her and was happy for discord to fall in love with her.

The family was excited for Discord to be engaged with her and they started to plan for the ceremony. Discord mother had a talk with her about how a female draconequus lifestyle. They are mainly housewives, but they can choose to have a job, work like men and socialise and do activities.

Then came the shocking bit. She removed her hair from her head and tail ,Female draconequus wear wigs and her tail has no fluff. The mother tells her she need to shave her head and tail to be able to become part of and live with discord species. she also says a draconequus privates is always exposed, Celestia felt nervous at the though of showing off her naked bottom.

The mother then tells her that draconequus have large familes and have lots of children. Celestia loved children as so couldn't hold her excitement of being able to get pregant many times and have many children she likes.

A few days before the ceremony. Celestia was ready to get shaved. She allowed discord to shave her head and tail. Once it was finished, she loved her new look. Discord has sex so she can mark her.

The ceremony came and discord and Celestia was standing at the altar with celestia wearing a very beautiful silk robe and her rear fully exposed. Because she'll live long as discord. She'll be able have a good marriage with him.

since they got married in the ceremony. Celestia who used to live the life of a princess has now live the life of a housewife. She loved it since it felt more normal for her.

The she started to get pregnant and had a baby girl. To their discovery, the baby can switch between pony and draconequus form. Dispite this, the new parents were extremely happy. For years the couple had more children with celestia becoming pregnant multiple times, the signs of being part lf discords family having an impact on her. They had over 15 kids, and Celestia loved the feeling of looking after a large amount children, to her surprise discord was a great father and loving husband as he helped her looked after her kids when she was away.

Thanks to JPGR for doing this.
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