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Uploaded by Background Pony #118E
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Fashion-forward Sassy Saddles shows some love to her fashionista wife, Kerfuffle. This MIGHT be JG canon. I'm thinking about it!
safe (1522262) artist:kaemantis (744) kerfuffle (386) sassy saddles (896) anthro (218862) pegasus (221155) unguligrade anthro (40919) unicorn (242731) rainbow roadtrip (1187) spoiler:rainbow roadtrip (1181) amputee (3985) belt (4143) blushing (167627) clothes (387384) commission (46814) dress (37638) ear piercing (19659) eyes closed (75563) female (846353) heart (41257) holding hands (2144) kersassy (1) kissing (21615) lesbian (88960) mare (386906) pants (11128) piercing (32226) pincushion (172) prosthetic leg (644) prosthetic limb (2423) prosthetics (2796)


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Background Pony #F22A
can the person who uploaded this please add the TAG Kersassy to it?
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