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Looks like someone found the Bewitching Bell…

Commission for :iconcaptain-latrios:
safe1618208 artist:carnifex2306 oc628838 oc:calliphora53 oc:deciduous33 oc:miasma95 centaur3075 changeling43081 changeling queen13906 anthro240766 taur678 anthro centaur270 armor22370 changeling queen oc1723 female1288106 macro10246 multiple arms224 multiple limbs180 purple changeling1453 red changeling1169 yellow changeling791


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7 comments posted
Background Pony #3619
Is this supposed to make me think of Asura's Wrath? Because something about her armor and expression, as well as the explosive growth, makes me think of that game.
Background Pony #309E
She was probably not his girlfriend. More likely, a ritual sacrifice he took interest in, or maybe simply someone he loved from afar. It's not exactly clear.

"She's gone absolutely bugfuck insane hasn't she?"


"And we don't have the strength to stop her, do we?"


"We're going to have to go ask the ponies for help aren't we?"

"Most likely."



"This is going to be a diplomatic nightmare isn't it."

"Ohhh yeah…"