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Rose Petals sitting inside next to the fireplace, staying as warm as possible with her cozy Christmas sweater, scarf and socks on. She definitely doesn't want to go outside in the freezing cold. She would rather stay inside and hang out with Red Velvet while eating some cookies with hot milk.

I'm still working on some things. I don't have a full story about The mare 6. When I get my drawing tablet I will be making a lot of The Mare 6. I'm just posting what I get right now. If I miss any tags please add them for me. I am kinda new too this. Follow me on Twitter
My Discord is Butter Pop1995
safe (1526498) oc (575405) oc:rose petal (83) pegasus (222891) pony (801325) pony town (3190) christmas (11921) clothes (389195) cutie mark (38075) ear piercing (19828) earring (16605) eyeshadow (12136) female (851262) hat (72442) hearth's warming eve (1123) holiday (15388) jewelry (46374) lantern (1310) makeup (16404) mare (389957) piercing (32443) rug (518) scarf (20303) sitting (52009) smiling (203257) socks (54093) sweater (12628) table (7800)


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