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“I have cleared your schedule Princess… For the next few hours.”
Finished commission for of Fleur as Princess Luna’s sexy secretary!
Hope you guys like this, it was fun to work on!
suggestive159890 artist:longinius859 fleur-de-lis4066 unicorn394308 anthro292515 bedroom eyes67013 blushing221918 bra17883 breasts315595 choker15214 cleavage38353 clothes519113 collar37908 crossed legs3724 desk3699 female1501977 high heels13195 implied fleur de lune2 implied lesbian3893 implied princess luna527 implied shipping5715 indoors4445 lineart22474 looking at you196432 makeup26843 mare557624 miss fleur is trying to seduce us336 office1031 panties54548 secretary272 shoes44485 smiling297347 solo1183618 solo female195593 statue2625 stockings38202 swivel chair16 thigh highs43269 underwear66712 undressing5598


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Artist -

This has it all.
Sexy secretary Fleur? Check!
A hot Longinius lingerie set? Check!
A hot lesbian pairing I had never thought about before? Check!