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Originally posted on: February 1, 2018
Putting up the ref of Puppet's father, Facade, I had to share the ref for her mother too, of course.

No fancy lion's tail like her husband, just the cloven hooves and proper spots to prove her purity as a unicorn paint of good breed.
Stuck in a loveless, arranged marriage for the sole purpose of passing on breeding traits, she's not sharing her daughter's cheerful attitude. She used to dance at the ballet, a great talent but gave up the career when losing her mojo for most things. Spends her time locked up in her home, not feeling like doing much while the family covers up her depression, as acknowledging any sort of issues wouldn't look good for their image.
She has no knowledge nor interest in whatever kinds of business her husband spends his time with.

Had a hard time picking a mane colour for her until I decided to just let her mane gray early, I can worry about its original colour another time.


The Paints:
Puppet the Puppeteer by Ravenpuff

The Puppet by Ravenpuff

Facade the Schemer by Ravenpuff

Donna the Former Dancer by Ravenpuff
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