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Her hoof was coarse from the seasons labor, her mane wrapped into a messy braid, and the dress she wore, was an old simple white gown. Even the flowers in her hair were common field flowers.
But She had picked those herself, to make herself beautiful. She had put up her hair, because she wanted to feel like a lady. And in that moment, looking at her tender smile and her bashful blush. This headstrong pony was the most beautiful mare in Equestria.
safe1900455 artist:longinius873 applejack183638 earth pony330724 human186590 pony1248035 alternate hairstyle32076 blushing227725 braid7394 clothes533607 cute225658 dialogue75883 dress51307 ear blush1088 female1537335 floppy ears61232 flower30784 flower in hair9479 freckles34226 hoof hold10106 implied human on pony action274 implied interspecies323 jackabetes6888 looking at you203749 mare578539 monochrome160097 offscreen character41109 offscreen human333 pov16207 ribbon7955 speech bubble28999 talking to viewer3831 traditional art127625


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Applejack, don’t worry about the not good at dancing bit, I cant do it either but Ill try.
She is very pretty here, competing with Tavi for my heart.