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Okay,so sunburst decided that he and flurry heart should get some ice cream while shining and cadence are away,sure enough, sunburst buy some ice cream for him and flurry,sunburst was nervous because flurry is such mess when she eat ice cream and would get in trouble when her parents saw that ,as soon they got back in the crystal empire, sunburst was not expecting that shining armor was there already looking for them,shining saw how messy his daughter is and asked sunburst,he explained and shining said it's okay
safe1574570 artist:yoshiniyuriyaya15 princess flurry heart6258 shining armor21753 sunburst5812 alicorn195101 pony845059 unicorn265832 :p7249 armor21647 blaze (coat marking)863 clothes408682 cute177162 diaper12128 father and child360 father and daughter2250 female898427 filly59486 food60755 glasses54855 glowing horn16645 horn43148 ice cream4521 ice cream cone497 levitation10538 magic65815 male305227 messy eating1051 nervous5024 robe3120 stallion92589 sunburst's glasses238 sunburst's robe303 sweat22946 sweatdrop2320 telekinesis24691 tongue out90428 unshorn fetlocks22167


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Shining Armor gave a too too wide grin, one that made Sunburst very nervous, and he was about to learn just how right he was to be nervous.

"Well Sunburst it seems you will be spending a LOT more time with Flurry Heart tonight, because when all that sugar kicks in, YOU will be the one looking after he" he cheerfully explained making Sunburst begin to sweat.

"B-but" Sunburst began earning a head shake from Shining Armor.

"Nope,you're not getting out of this, so have fun" Shining Armor grinned before giving a wave and trotting off.

"I'm doomed…" Sunburst groaned out even as Flurry Heart began to bounce around excitedly