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Diamond: “well Apple bloom look’s like they’re fighting again”
Apple bloom: “you think it’s time to bring them to twilight for siblings advice?”
Diamond: “yeah I agree, they’ve been fighting for an entire week”
Apple bloom: “mmmhmmm, I agree”

for the record, I would like to draw my next gen diamond bloom kids: Gristler, Honey apple, and shiny jewel for a moment
I imagine these three doesn’t get along when they were young just like how diamond and Apple did when they were fillies
safe1574255 artist:elementbases253 artist:yoshiniyuriyaya15 apple bloom46525 diamond tiara9670 oc604236 oc:gristler1 oc:honey apple7 oc:shiny jewel1 earth pony198575 pony844850 alternate hairstyle24430 annoyed5048 bandage5142 base used15744 blaze (coat marking)863 brother and sister3528 brothers752 colt13305 concerned743 cowboy hat13124 diamondbloom211 eyes closed80097 family4009 female898202 filly59479 hat76530 jewelry50814 lesbian92154 magical lesbian spawn10712 male305143 mare415014 markings1007 mother and child983 mother and daughter5069 mother and son2599 offspring34340 older22995 older apple bloom1617 older diamond tiara652 parent:apple bloom620 parent:diamond tiara192 parents:diamondbloom58 redesign1705 shipping183833 sibling rivalry134 siblings5991 simple background345203 tiara3083 transparent background179411 unshorn fetlocks22165


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