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Originally posted on: September 20, 2017
Meet Day Breaker, Celestia's corrupted form.

What? she doesn't look like normal? Well, that is simply because Dream got to Celestia and thanks to some nifty machine she received from chaoscroc she managed to completely corrupt Celestia, turning her into Day Breaker while programming the mare to be completely and totally obedient to her. Of course, every worthy slave needs to have a uniform and what would be better than one styled after her very own Mistress? Day Breaker most certainly doesn't mind! Now walk in line unless you want Day Breaker to incinerate you.

Drawn by chaoscroc
safe1599334 artist:tinker-tock81 daybreaker2539 alicorn202445 anthro236184 unguligrade anthro43526 boots19473 both cutie marks9474 brainwashed160 clothes419281 corrupted2518 evening gloves7663 female1272084 gloves17833 high heel boots4935 latex10407 latex boots489 latex suit2993 long gloves4799 mind control3026 pyromancy151 red eyes5369 shoes31545 simple background354056 slit eyes4063 solo991513 transparent background183492


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