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extremely late birthday present for @MKogwheel
safe1598883 artist:anontheanon327 applejack161151 zecora8870 oc615810 oc:bandy cyoot156 oc:zeal lanatus18 oc:zeta40 oc:zizzie14 earth pony210268 pony868067 zebra15991 adventure in the comments1236 apple15050 apple tree2862 applebucking515 applejack's plantation36 bowtie9016 canterlot5293 clothes419164 cloud28080 comments locked down146 comments more entertaining41 dark comedy620 dis gon b gud44 discussion in the comments696 ear piercing22530 earring18537 eating8879 eyes closed82632 female1271763 fence2603 food62986 gift art2376 gold955 hat78237 jewelry53891 lidded eyes27653 mare431958 necklace16051 piercing36074 prone23769 racism677 racist barn34 sitting56500 slave2426 slavery336 smiling220810 squatpony251 stereotype178 suit5243 sweet apple acres2660 tree28655 twiggie321 unfortunate implications126 watermelon662 we are going to hell646 zebra oc2554


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Since all of you showed complete and total lack of ability to discuss this image civilly, without generating drama, and consequently generating over 20 reports on the same image, I am locking the comments on this image.

If this drama leaks onto other images from this set, we will issue a lot harsher punishments.

What is humor about?

The humor is about ruin the expectations. Good joke establish some, and then suddenly turn around. Knock-knock.

There are some layers of humor for that image, based on context.

If you know only mlp show, it is the picture of zebras honestly helping Applejack on farm. It's cute, but not funny, because no expectation are broken.
If you know American history, it's a reference of slavery with characters from kid's show. It's uncommon, disturbing, and a little funny.
If you know the fandom, current politics and SJW — it's image of something very uncommon, when pony dominates over zebra. Zebradom is so much frequent and SJW are so loud that they create own expectation. You expect that image for zebra dominating pony is common for that site and now you see the reverse. It's unusual and because of that it is funny too.
And the last layer — the salt. When you see adult people in twitter acting like a bunch of crying childs. It's super funny.

I think the picture is brilliant. Of course, it is a dark humor — but complex, multilayered dark humor is fine enough for me.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English, not native speaker.
Background Pony #6501
@Background Pony #D7E0

If your scientific socialism is based on Marxism\dialectal materialism it's nothing more than a fiction based on metaphysical philosophy and observations of the horrors of Industrial revolution in England. And it's definition of capitalism is wrong and demonizing.
Capitalism is just a free market where government regulates legal part of the competition. Capitalism is not the problem- lobbyism, corruption and nepotism are. Those things aren't qualities of capitalism, but a government with economical interests\ambitions.If we limit the amount of governmental influence on economy(Night-watchman state) there will be less issues. Combined with proper meritocracy(fair competition in economy and society guaranteed by state) we can achieve a proper equal opportunity state.

The main problem of most of socialist economic systems is that in order to eliminate "unfair" work conditions you can't just make a horizontal distribution of responsibilities, it's unrealistic, you will need a certain hierarchy anyway.
The problem of ownership doesn't exist because even now we have public corporations where everyone can be a shareholder,no one restricts you from creating a company and making every worker a shareholder.
Also you can't "control on what you work" It's controlled either by supply-demand or state\corporate planning.
Capitalist interest are not the absolute ballast to social development,they are controlled by supply-demand laws and in order to satisfy the demand capitalist will invest into technologies so he could do it more effectively money-wise. Competition always boosts progress.
Capitalism allows people influence the economy more directly, while in socialistic systems there is always a class of people deciding what is better for society and how the progress should look like.
Capitalists are not moneybags their wealth based on their assets which worth is controlled by supply-demand system.
In conclusion: If someone comes and says he knows how everyone should live to be more satisfied- he's a madman or wants to trick you by manipulation your emotions.
Background Pony #7DDB
@Beau Skunky
In socialism surplus value created by workers is capitalized by the community (via the state or workers unions/councils, depending on wether is authoritarian or libertarian) and publicly shared/consumed/enjoyed. That means that you, as individual worker, can also consume/enjoy from it (and decide in the democratic institutions how/where/when to use it). Ergo, there is no exploitation in the economic (scientific) sense of the word.

@The Luna Fan
Maybe we're confusing terms here (scientific socialism has very specific definitions on concepts like "capitalism" that sometimes don't match with the common use of the word). For instance, from your second paragraph I could imply that you equate "capitalism" and "free labour market" (which both are related, but are not the same); that doesn't disappear per se under socialism (ofc, it depends on the kind of socialism we're speaking of — auth/lib), but rather is transformed in a way better social relation where you as a worker not only control on what you work, but also the conditions of such work, as well as distribution of responsabilities, benefits, etc. If you're from a developed country, your technology and resources allows your society right now to greatly reduce your time and effort consumed working for a living, with just the proper economic/political/social revolution. Basically, capitalist interest are a ballast to social development.

Based and REDpilled, comrade.
Background Pony #70D1
At last let me explain how this joke works:
1:We have American slavery and the majority of people would agree it was a tragic period of history.
2:We have the show for children with moral lessons and mostly positive characters.
This joke is a satire that uses grotesque and parody.
It projects something extremely bad that we want to criticize onto something good. The things are distinct but there's a bunch of similar features to trick our first impression. It works because this situation could never happen in the mlp universe.
It works only if we consciously or subconsciously agree with these two statements: Slavery\racism is tragic\criminal\bad, Mlp is innocent\positive\good.
It's a common form of postmodern humor,it doesn't take a megamind to make something like this.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Peace to all
Not 100% on board with this mentality as such absolutism can lead to the same type of thinking that these twitter mobs do. It be better to have a set of non reactionary (as in acting not against something but for something else) values that you know and can lean on for making judgments. Sometimes what they are screaming at can be legit problem and a community can be unable to correct or react. Perhaps I'm being idiotic because I fully get that fear as it seems when you give a little they take a mile. Still I think it'd probably be better not to think of oneself as anti wokescold but pro the culture of the site/fandom/community.

@Miss Shy
Honestly, that legit could legit reason. Nopony has anything better to do so this drama gets to blow up further.
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Sayonara, Derpibooru
"Dear Diary, I saw a post that shows enslavement and that hurts my feelings because it's racist. I'm going to down-vote it so it won't show up again. Dear Diary"
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@Background Pony #D7E0
I love capitalism! And your position intrigues me…. Can you explain how do you manage to not exploit someone in something and at the same time get enough food, security and all that jazz to almost everyone?

I personally love capitalism not because is less work, quite the opposite, it's a lot more work! But At least I can choose what I want to do, and tbh, if you work at what you love, it shouldn't be called a job…..
Background Pony #7DDB
As a socialist, I'm somehow glad all this shitstorm help show people slavery and wage work aren't any less exploitative one from the other (and, in fact, that the latter is just an evolution from the former). PoC (and workers in general) being exploited is just wrong indistinctly of rhetorical depictions.