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A new request from 'superfun'. Hope you like it! :)

Ever since they learned the subject for their respective psychology classes at school, both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo have grown an interest in the art of hypnosis and are both rather skilled at it. However, neither of them can agree on who is the most talented hypnotist, which leads to numerous friendly arguments until, one Thursday afternoon, Rainbow proposes a challenge between the two of them. The pair would select one of their friends and take turns hypnotizing them into doing the most outlandish thing they can think of, even if it is something they would never normally do. Dash also states that the loser of the competition has to be hypnotized into being the winner’s servant for the entirety of the upcoming Saturday. Scootaloo agrees to these terms and the two tomboys agree to have their little competition during Friday’s lunch period. The next day, Dash and Scootaloo (who both have pocket watches in their bookbags) enter the cafeteria at lunchtime and quickly select Applejack as their subject. At the time, the young farmer was sitting by herself, going through her copy of the new yearbook. So, it goes without saying that she is a bit surprised when Dash and Scootaloo sit across from her at her table, each start swinging a pocket watch in front of her face, and start telling her to relax her mind and body. Applejack tries to object to what her friends are doing, but due to being inducted by two hypnotists at once, she quickly loses her mind to the hypnosis and becomes obedient to the two tomboys’ every command….

Seeing that they’ve placed the blonde-haired girl in a trance, Dash and Scootaloo set down their respective pocket watches and set about giving her commands. However, since they hadn’t decided beforehand who should go first, the two girls end up giving the hypnotized Applejack several commands at the same time. This goes on for some time, and all the while, Applejack’s mind starts to become overloaded with all of the simultaneous commands and suggestions, causing her eyes to start crossing and her speech to devolve into incoherent babbling. At last, with an audible moan, the poor farm girl passes out from the abundance of hypnotic commands, her eyes rolling back into her head as she does. Upon noticing this, Dash and Scootaloo stop their argument and look upon their unconscious friend in surprise and guilt. Acting quickly, the two tomboys opt to get their friend to the school nurse, just to make sure that they didn’t cause her any serious brain damage…..
safe (1520973) edit (110348) edited screencap (51329) editor:thomasfan45 (186) screencap (189604) applejack (154826) human (139328) a queen of clubs (203) equestria girls (172085) equestria girls series (26925) spoiler:eqg series (985) 1000 hours in ms paint (4650) applejack's hat (4780) babbling (1) cafeteria (171) canterlot high (2302) chair (5547) cowboy hat (12096) cross-eyed (664) description is relevant (722) female (845162) geode of super strength (1513) hat (72075) hypnosis (2772) hypnotized (1245) implied hypnosis (15) implied rainbow dash (798) implied scootaloo (159) magical geodes (6257) open mouth (115725) overload (4) passed out (192) ponytail (14577) solo (936010) speech bubble (19071) story included (7199) table (7755) unconscious (413) yearbook (89)


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Editor & Rail Fan
Glad you think so!

Again, I'm sorry this took so long. It was surprisingly hard to come up with a good story. Again, I'm relived you like the final product so much. ✔👍😁
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