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Welp, back on track for getting these last comics uploaded. Nyx has some difficulty trying to prove that she's 'really good' and has made a change for the better (ie she's not going to go Nightmare Moon mode). This particular diary is just for recording random acts of kindness that she participates in, for which she's elected to illustrate the events of each entry. You may have noticed on the last panel with Sweetie Belle that there's another entry on the right, but the viewer never gets to see it. The full entry on that page was actually alluding to the introduction of a nefarious character, but the blog ended before we starting wandering down that path.

There are only 2 comics left… both of rather poor quality compared to everything else I've posted. I may just try to slam-bang these on here tomorrow, just to get them out of the way. After that, it's back to drawing lewds again. Keep it classy, ponefriends ;)
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