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There are numerous ponies who fly the night, searching for food, places to settle down, or even to help serve Princess Luna in her duties to protect the night. But one bat pony named Night Wish did not start her life a happy one. For when she was a young filly, her parents almost ended her life.

Her parents, the founders of a Nightmare Moon worshiping cult, had plans to have her soul ripped from her body to be the sole vessel for Nightmare Moon. Though her rescue came at the hooves of Eagle and his unit saving the young Bat-pony from sure murder. Once the cult was eliminated, the leader of the unit took her under his wing as an adoptive daughter.

a commission done for eagle75777 on Deviantart of their bat pony OC Night Wish. First Bat Pony I ever did and I am smiling about my amazing achievement in Bat Pony physiology and I hope there will be more down the road.

commission for: eagle75777 on Deviantart

drawn by: johnathon-matthews (R33lKhun1sP0n3) me

this picture is featured on my Ddeviantart and Furaffinity profiles.


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