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Originally posted on: June 24, 2015
[Update] I passed with flying colours! [/update]

I am so ready for tomorrow’s exam.

Put our little stands together showing off all the, or at least as many as possible, of the different products we have been making. Been a very fun school year, one of the few where I actually enjoyed going and never crossed my mind to take fake sick-days just ‘cuz I felt like it.

Tomorrow we get to show these things off while telling how much we have learned this school year. Mugs, T-shirts, business cards, playing cards, posters, stickers, badges, a chair, boxes, frames, signs and so much more. Been a productive year and we even get to take all these treasures with us home afterwards! Weeh!


Sombra Chair by Ravenpuff

Cards Against Equinity by Ravenpuff
Image deleted
Hjerne 2-6 by Ravenpuff
Image deleted
MLP:FiM CD Covers by Ravenpuff

Discord Cafe Menu by Ravenpuff

Night Vale Intern Mugs and Mouse Mat by Ravenpuff
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