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Yay new ship <3 I know alot of ppl ship Gallus and sandbar
but I like Gallus and Ocellus there soo cute I love them <3

also don't ask why the pic is blue I don't know what happen..

(Used a pen I don't like pencils :/ )
and I took the pic with my phone

MLP characters @ Hasbro Studios
safe (1524984) artist:superrosey16 (174) gallus (5366) ocellus (4207) blushing (168085) deviantart watermark (1998) female (849890) heart (41387) lined paper (4306) looking at each other (14949) luslus (30) male (289267) obtrusive watermark (3036) shipping (177223) sitting (51908) size difference (11902) sketch (56922) standing (9418) straight (117512) text (46422) traditional art (105224) watermark (13914)


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Background Pony #F3D1
I already submitted a takedown request, but it was rejected. Try submitting a request yourself from your account (you can do that by clicking "Report" and selecting "Takedown request").

Also, I'm sorry about the watermark. I have no idea why it didn't get copied over from Deviantart.

(If the missing watermark is the only problem, I could also reupload the image, making sure it has the watermark on it, and request a merge. Let me know if you want me to do that.)
Background Pony #CB52
This is Rosey again I'm asking nicely please take it down
you remove my Watermark which is NOT OK
if you don't take it down I'm going to report you
so please
Background Pony #91A8
I know you have more drawing come on, make an effort I believe in you
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