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Original description:

It sure has been a long time since I last drew some canon horses, hasn't it?

It's a little on the late side for Valentine's Day unfortunately but I wanted to put something out for EStories's contest. So, I figured what better couple to use than one featured in the finale! I really can't say I saw this couple coming, especially with how much they paired AppleJack with Rarity in the Equestria Girls spinoff. But I think they're cute together. What an emotional roller coaster that whole finale was.
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Background Pony #4A3B
@EvAn Ze Geek VA
I’m not gonna lie, I would’ve preferred them to be 100% canon but it’s only because I ship them so much
Oh well. At least the writers chose this over the other mane6 ships so that’s fine, I suppose.
Background Pony #DA09
@Background Pony #0D4F
Oh so that explains the downvoting ? It sounds like a revengeful action. But hey, it’s my opinion on the subject. Usually when I don’t like stuff I simply filter it. common sense
Background Pony #0D4F
@Background Pony #EE55
Because (or at last for me) most people who say this ship is cannon (it's not) have berate and people that don't like it so it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. (It's the reason why I have shipping in this fandom.)
Background Pony #EE55
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@Background Pony #DA09
IKR, people downvoting a nice piece of art simply because they don't approve of the shipping really annoys me. The purpose of score is to let users sift out good art, and somebody just has to turn it into their disfunctional opinion dispensing mechanism, leaving a piece of futile annoyance everywhere.
Background Pony #DA09
The downvotes really mean nothing, this ship is fantastic and deserves a lots of fanarts :,)