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This is probably the one i spent the most time on, and also the one I'm most pleased with. The prompt was "Gen 5" but i'm way behind on this show and haven't been paying attention to any news, so I simply tried interpreting the characters in another style
safe (1520057) artist:sildesalaten (3) discord (28031) fluttershy (193046) draconequus (7877) earth pony (180120) pony (796287) leak (1526) spoiler:g5 (901) blushing (167246) discord (g5) (16) discoshy (2435) earth pony fluttershy (63) female (845375) fluttershy (g5) (257) g5 (1075) high res (19513) looking at each other (14883) male (288583) mare (386317) prone (22072) race swap (11971) redesign (1527) shipping (177012) smiling (201730) straight (117023) traditional art (104946) watercolor painting (2559)


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