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safe1555517 artist:klawiee24 applejack157256 fluttershy195776 pinkie pie201378 rainbow dash217209 rarity167916 twilight sparkle279828 oc593657 oc:cooking fashion1 oc:delicate flower1 oc:desired prize1 oc:fuzzy drink1 oc:harmony52 oc:harvest sun2 oc:opal53 oc:prismatic rain1 oc:zappy dash1 unnamed oc1491 bat pony42361 base used14899 bat ponified1945 family3963 female879705 flutterbat6383 lesbian91302 magical lesbian spawn10429 mane six28996 multiple parents174 offspring33642 omniship201 parent:applejack3192 parent:fluttershy3941 parent:pinkie pie3514 parent:rainbow dash4881 parent:rarity3461 parent:twilight sparkle7123 parents:appledash278 parents:flutterdash266 parents:omniship11 parents:raridash52 parents:rarijack336 parents:rarilight110 parents:raripie46 parents:twidash659 polyamory6026 race swap12303 shipping181535 simple background337815 transparent background176129


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Artist's Description:
first row:

Rainbow Dash:
- smol wife
- loves all her wifes
- still in wonderbolts

- toll wife
- bat
- scares children with fangs, when they don't want to listen

Pinkie Pie:
- chubby wife
- the youngest
- a day without candy is a lost day

Twilight Sparkle:
- egghead wife
- bed time stories forr all the children
- helps everybody when needed

- fashion wife
- the oldest
- makes dresses for her daugthers

- farm wife
- often hides fruits in meals
- veeery big

second row:

Delicate Flower:
- very shy
- looves flowers
- often mistaken for girl
- Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy
(made by LunaGirl6085 )

- helps Rarity always
- knows the history of fashion
- prefers to stay alone
- Twilight Sparkle x Rarity
(made by LunaGirl6085 )

Prismatic Rain:
- model
- secretly reads comics
- doesn't like to fly
- Rainbow Dash x Rarity
(adopted from MPLbasemaker33 )

- guardian of the tree of harmony
- sometimes speaks in rhymes
- momma Twi little boy
- kid of all the mane six (magic made)

Desired Prize:
- wants to be like her mom Dash
- super fast, even faster than Rainbow Dash
- sarcasm 24/7
- Rainbow Dash x Twilight Sparkle

Zappy Dash:
- honest af
- curses
- storyteller
- Rainbow Dash x Applejack
(made by Dawn-n-Night )

third row:

Cooking Fashion
- calm
- avoid problems
- helps everyone
- Rarity x Pinkie Pie
(made by Kyper-Space )

- model
- travels all around the world
- as an hobby, she is making dolls
- Twilight Sparkle x Rainbow Dash second child
(made by ZapWBoltBases )

Harvest Sun
- works on farm
- always gets up first
- often wins in contests
- Rainbow Dash x Applejack second child
(made by Kyper-Space )

Fuzzy Drink
- works in factory
- talks with accent
- knows two languages
- Rairty x Applejack
(made by Kyper-Space )

- info tba
(made by Kyper-Space )

- info tba
(made by Tragedy-Kaz )

oh i hate myself
so much
m editing this whole verse
new ships etc

base by Owl-ClockWork