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Originally posted on: March 19, 2017
Okay this is the last character ref for now, I promise. At least the last ref for the Butters the Alicorn cast, that's all of them.

Timothy is another character more or less donated to the blog. This one is from S-and-K, who runs the Smiling Guard blog as Mr. Narrator. A former nightguard with a grim mission that lead to him sort of… falling apart. Timothy here is one of the fragments of The Smiling Guard aka Smiley. Just a small part of Smiley given form to wander about. Most of the fragments later got gathered into one, called Memory, except for Timothy here. He stayed in the Canterlot Castle to look after Butters, as Smiley liked the silly alicorn and his simple acceptance of the grim ex-guard who had attempted to destroy all of reality.
Mostly Timothy stays out of view of others although some of the castle staff have found out he's there. He's the only one around to play the nanny for Butters willingly, as the main reason he gets to stay around without much alarm.
Usually sustains himself by eating pesky Anons trying to mess around with Butters. Still to be proven to eat ponies or not. Not so talkative, but eager to take care of Butters and protect him at all costs. Don't mess with Timothy. For your own sake.

Not much change in the design of Timothy other than my style changing a tiny few details over time. Still the same general design points he had from the start. I can't say why, but I just adore Timothy although in the start him being around on the blog was just meant as a gag and now he's part of the family. So he deserved an official ref too. Sort of given to me completely like Nutjob was, but I still allow the original creator to provide demands and inputs on the character out of respect.


the Smiling Guard © s-and-k
Butters the Alicorn © Me

Butters the Alicorn:

Butters the Alicorn by RavenpuffTimothy the Fragment by RavenpuffAtjour Service the Maid by RavenpuffNutjob the Mental Patient by RavenpuffHunter the Dayguard by RavenpuffGlimmershine the Crystal Guard by Ravenpuff

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