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Originally posted on: March 18, 2017
Yet another ref of a cast member from my Butters the Alicorn Blog. Yeah I'll soon be through them all, just be patient with me.

Nutjob here still technically belong to Ickie-Vickie (Dead link), but as stated in the past they handed the character to me to with as I wished after they lost motivation for most of their ongoing characters. I felt not right about letting Nutjob just disappear after having a full arc dedicated to him and Butters make friends, so I accepted taking in the character.

I did decide to put Nutjob through a light design update to better fit how I personally saw the character and was given free range to do so. Mostly I updated the depiction a bit to better fit how Nutjob was drawn in the past before simplifying the details had his straightjacket lose its recognization as such. Got those details back on. But also cut his wings down to better visually explain why he doesn't fly. Ickie-Vickie originally just said pegasi need their front legs too, to properly fly for balance and navigation and so the jacket alone would impair his flight. Never sit well with me, I rather see that ponies who are kept from flying for their own protection get their flight feathers cut. They can grow back, but as long he's institutionalized the feathers is kept down so he can't fly.

I'm still not exactly sure what to do with him, but as said; It'll be sad to just let him disappear after having a full arc dedicated to him on the blog. He'll be an occasional playmate visiting to entertain Butters.

So, enjoy.

Nutjob © Ickie-Vickie (Dead link)
Butters the Alicorn © Me

Butters the Alicorn © Me

Butters the Alicorn:
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Timothy the Fragment by Ravenpuff

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Nutjob the Mental Patient by Ravenpuff

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