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Dash: "Well, Spike? How are you enjoying it?
Spike: "Ahh, t-the taste… it's wonderful, Dashie! I could lick this flop all day if I wanted to!"
Dash: "Well, don't take too long. My other flop needs cleaning, too. I'm glad you're enjoying the taste, though."

Dialog by Neko
suggestive (122245) artist:a_friendly_guest (139) rainbow dash (213754) spike (72426) anthro (218862) plantigrade anthro (25018) armpits (39785) barefoot (23163) breasts (225467) busty rainbow dash (6555) colored sketch (2403) dirty (1533) feet (32743) fetish (32953) flip-flops (833) foot fetish (6158) licking (17110) lucky bastard (2026) nail polish (6442) sexy (21794) shoe fetish (14) sketch (56805) soft color (1487) soles (3252) stupid sexy rainbow dash (1684) toenail polish (391) toes (5176) tongue out (84885)


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Background Pony #E135
Spike ist das dein ernst du willst nur das 😯 sehr gut dann nehme Ich mir Rainbow Dash 😏 für Mich du kannst dann ihre Schuhe kriegen 😁