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safe (1519929) artist:velveagicsentryyt (348) daring do (5903) rainbow dash (213511) oc (583312) oc:crystalis do (2) oc:kinglis (2) oc:prisdale (21) oc:rainbow blitzes (61) hybrid (13794) pegasus (222021) pony (796206) base used (13354) colt (12745) female (845287) filly (56471) high res (19508) interspecies offspring (5879) male (288535) offspring (31899) parent:ahuizotl (61) parent:daring do (125) parent:rainbow dash (4698) parent:soarin' (2062) parents:darizotl (42) parents:soarindash (1559) upside down (4793) vine (1079)


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With the few wonder if kinglis along with prisdale know the traps were serious when rainbow dash and rainbow blitzes were caught in some vines when the few could be liking daring do's expression.
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