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Don’t have anything for valentines but I have this
safe1559013 artist:jimmyjamno175 applejack157464 baby applejack63 pear butter2355 earth pony191978 pony829854 baby8893 baby pony6061 babyjack434 blanket burrito131 blessed4 cute174062 daaaaaaaaaaaw3048 duo48115 eyes closed78734 female882860 filly58546 flower21758 flower in hair6494 foal14668 grin32313 high res20904 hnnng2242 hug25142 jackabetes5000 kiss on the cheek1465 kissing22194 mare406014 mother and child797 mother and daughter4936 pearabetes254 smiling211123 weapons-grade cute3124 wholesome282 younger15496


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