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Mimosa (left)
Parents: Applejack (bio), Lightning Dust (bio), Rainbow Dash, Rara

Juicy Fruit (right)
Parents: Applejack, Lightning Dust, Rainbow Dash (bio), Rara (bio)

Two siblings just bonding. Mimosa is tending to his sister's wild rat's nest as she fills him in about her awful date from the previous night.

This was drawn awhile ago and I finally decided to actually share it (you can tell it's old from the style)
safe (1520309) artist:echabi (30) oc (583569) oc only (392461) oc:juicy fruit (1) oc:mimosa (2) earth pony (180263) pegasus (222161) pony (796825) female (845962) magical lesbian spawn (9346) male (288669) mare (386758) offspring (31905) parent:applejack (3044) parent:coloratura (335) parent:lightning dust (254) parent:rainbow dash (4698) parents:appledust (1) parents:raradash (3) simple background (324243) stallion (85851) transparent background (168907)


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