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A Valentines Day art I made of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash as young adults, they meet each other again in Sugarcube Corner on Hearts and Hooves Day after all these years, Sweetie belle was blushing seein how handsome Button is now and Button was blushing too seeing how beautiful Sweetie Belle is now.
safe (1526116) artist:justsomepainter11 (137) button mash (3689) sweetie belle (45754) earth pony (180828) unicorn (244662) blush sticker (2000) blushing (168217) buttonbetes (139) cap (3432) cute (167951) female (850967) hat (72425) hearts and hooves day (1954) holiday (15385) male (289594) mare (389739) older (21644) older button mash (137) older sweetie belle (1622) shipping (177327) smiling (203221) stallion (86736) straight (117577) sugarcube corner (1838) sweetiemash (563) valentine's day (3066)


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