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This was my submission for a 30 minute drawing challenge, where the subject word was 'sea'.

One of the first things that came to mind was a siren, using her hypnotic songs to lure sailors to their deaths.

They'll do anything to be close to her and listen to her sing, but they can only hold their breath for so long…
safe (1520425) artist:jamestkelley (92) crab (752) earth pony (180293) fish (2088) siren (1951) 30 minute art challenge (8023) black and white (10951) bubble (4199) fangs (20185) fish tail (231) gem (5015) grayscale (33909) holding breath (209) hypnosis (2771) hypnotic music (7) hypnotized (1244) monochrome (142573) ocean (4909) sailor (139) sailor uniform (590) scales (797) ship (1092) singing (5582) sirens doing siren things (118) swimming (1598) traditional art (104966) uniform (8522)


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