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Applejack and Rainbow Dash started out as rivals, then they became friends, and then, perhaps… something more. No matter where they go, they'll always be there for each other.
safe1598894 artist:jamestkelley92 applejack161153 rainbow dash222286 earth pony210271 pegasus251595 pony868073 the last problem4566 alternate hairstyle25205 apple15050 apple tree2862 appledash5449 black and white12049 braided tail1031 clothes419168 couple4689 cowboy hat13779 cutie mark42863 female1271770 fence2603 food62987 granny smith's scarf140 granny smith's shawl6 grayscale35433 hat78237 jacket11139 leather jacket2970 lesbian91077 lineart19093 lying down11059 mohawk694 monochrome143691 neckerchief1592 older23790 older applejack601 older rainbow dash653 orchard340 road789 shipping186094 smiling220810 sweater13315 sweet apple acres2660 together forever175 traditional art110091 tree28656 turtleneck1340


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