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safe1598904 screencap208581 fluttershy201238 pinkie pie205807 earth pony210273 pegasus251597 pony868081 my little pony: pony life4152 my little pony: stop motion short351 valentine's day card (short)11 animated93389 book31137 box4293 female1271778 fluttershy is not amused305 fluttershy's cottage1261 gasp884 knocking147 messy2085 paper3005 shelves53 sound7495 stop motion485 unamused14335 webm11075 window7565 wings83944


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3 comments posted

On one hoof, I appreciate stop motion animation. It's a very taxing craft that is rarely used.

On the other hoof, these models are… well, they could use some help since Fluttershy's nose looks somewhat pig-ish from many angles.