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"Memories : (Re-up'd)"
Converted to WebM from an old YouTube rip.

Original description:
Thanks to Capt-Nemo for the original idea (and permission to animate):


Reupload; I'm original uploader.


Thanks to Popmannn for the vectorization:
dead source (18404) safe (1520062) artist:capt-nemo (59) artist:coyotemation (5) artist:ezecoyote (7) artist:popmannn (12) rainbow dash (213532) soarin' (13050) spitfire (12504) pegasus (222062) pony (796293) animated (89104) clothes (389139) female (845385) filly (56479) filly rainbow dash (1074) flying (32657) goggles (12719) letter (2810) memories (159) mirror (4430) older (21447) older rainbow dash (504) plushie (20966) sound (5942) uniform (8518) webm (8964) wonderbolts (3293) wonderbolts uniform (5189) younger (14838) youtube video (38)


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Background Pony #B7AE
what kind of program or sotfware it is? how did you or they made it?
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