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Planeswalker — FoME
"Let her go."
"Come on, you can't expect me to stay holed up in my little corner of her mind all the time, can you? Honestly, I'd expect that behavior from her."
"I expect you to stop tormenting her."
"So you want me dead and her lobotomized. Good to know."
"You shouldn't exist."
"Really? Really? What, you think I just showed up at the Friendship Games, some cocktail of stolen magic and peer pressure that just happened to share the same goals as her? I am everything she fears and hates about herself, all of the thoughts she denies having and the desires she dares not pursue. 'Midnight' is a convenient disamibiguation; I am Twilight Sparkle just as much as she is. Just because you all hate me doesn't change that fact. And now, when all I want to do is stretch my mental legs, maybe see magic in action for myself, you come charging in to laser me down again."
"Are… are you crying?"
"No, it's clearly liquid evil oozing out my eyes. Of course I'm crying, horse girl! My friends all hate me!"
"… How about the magic of ice cream and laughing at soft sci-fi movies?"
"That sounds like a nice place to start."