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Name: Cinnamon Fawn
Nicknames: Cinna
Gender: Female
Species: Chinchilla-Pony Hybrid
Cutie Mark: A tablet pen, a flower, a heart, and a sakura petal
Main Talent: Art
Special Somepony: Sovereign Ashes

- She is a smol, shorter than average ponies her age.
- She has a pair of cutesy wings tattooed onto her back.
- She has heart-shaped toes/hooves.
- Her hair is often messy.
- She uses her tail as a pillow or blanket depending on mood.
- She is a chonky pony.

Drawing/art notes:
- Again, she is short and thicc.
- She has freckle-spots! They don't have to be consistent.
- Her eyes are tareme shaped.
- Her tail can be drawn appropriately sized or long and extra thick/fluffy!
safe1575746 artist:sinamuna104 derpibooru exclusive24374 oc605062 oc only409756 oc:cinnamon fawn29 chinchilla12 earth pony199081 hybrid15264 pony845881 adorable face1235 adorably angry3 aesthetics161 angry23977 back937 big ears730 blushing175895 brown hair258 brown mane438 butt27506 chinchilla tail2 chubby12658 colored17698 crying40182 cute177412 cutie mark40726 emotions222 expressions902 flat colors1742 fluffy12873 fluffy mane147 fluffy tail121 freckles25435 gradient hair51 gradient mane720 green eyes3448 hazel eyes30 heart hooves9 laughing7116 long hair3372 long mane2884 long tail2000 love handles35 moods9 pink background2257 pink hair841 pink mane636 ponysona2645 pouting1844 reference sheet11038 sad22734 scared9329 simple background345752 smiling215018 solo973211 spots503 tail19289 tareme4 tattoo4592 thick3552 unimpressed475 wavy mouth3324 wing tattoo23


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