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Comic commission for someone on DeviantArt. They wanted to explore an alternate ending to Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, in which the Shadowbolts apologize to Twilight, who then returns to Crystal Prep with her new friends. Dean Cadance is very pleased with this development.

Concept, setting, sequence, script and some of the poses/layout belong to the commissioner. The execution is mine.
safe (1525836) artist:sapphiregamgee (93) indigo zap (2234) lemon zest (2956) princess cadance (29641) sci-twi (20745) sour sweet (2955) spike (72504) spike the regular dog (2345) sugarcoat (2997) sunny flare (2465) twilight sparkle (274761) dog (8089) equestria girls (172772) friendship games (11853) backpack (1674) clothes (388983) comic (97507) crystal prep (50) crystal prep academy (921) crystal prep academy students (25) crystal prep academy uniform (3067) crystal prep shadowbolts (1268) cute (167867) dean cadance (965) female (850673) headphones (6438) ponytail (14678) school uniform (6447) shadowbolts (1448) socks (54072) spike the dog (2400)


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17 comments posted
Background Pony #0BE4
So did Flash Sentry. I wish we could have seen his back story with Sunset, how they first met and broke up, and what they're up to together in the present. I also wish we could have gotten that alternate ending to Friendship Games, where Sci-Twi stayed at Crystal Prep instead. It could have given the Shadowbolts the opportunity to be better portrayed as characters too, given that they were originally going to play a bigger role after that alternate ending according to the Twitter post that mentioned it. But given that we got none of that, I have to ask, what is the point in creating characters if you're not going to portray them properly besides marketing, Hasbro?! I'm also looking at you too, Michael Bay's Transformers movies!
Background Pony #6970
Cool comic. Can you do the comic about Dean Cadance's golden high heeled shoes?