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After beating his ass and soles thoroughly, we apply a generous amount of horrible itching oil all over them, making sure to spread it between the toes too! And now it's finally time to wrap him up in multiple layers of thick, completely insulating magic bondage tape, which will leave only his big provocative feetsies exposed. Even with all that extra material over his snout, his hopeless moans of agonizing frustration can still be heard! Such a sweet melody~

Now, YOU have the chance to pick Thorax' ultimate fate! Once he's completely encased and mummified, there are two options for our sweet bugboi:

Option A is to lock him up in dark cell and abandon him there, let him deteriorate and go insane under the effects of the itching oils and his own misery.
Option B is to put him up for public display, let everybody use his exposed, defenseless feetsies at their heart's content, putting him under constant stimulation and pressure.

You can vote here and voting ends on Monday 17th of February 2020, 13:00 UTC. I've already decided on my vote and I'm curious about the final result :3c It's gonna be so much fun either way~

EDIT 17/2/2020: Voting has ended and it looks like Thorax' punishment is getting a public finale! Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Don't forget to vote in the poll about what the final stage of the punishment should be people! I'm not going to count comments or messages or anything else outside the StrawPoll results for the final drawing.

@Background Pony #DF77
Option C is actually to let him go, butt we can't allow that to happen lol.

@Background Pony #05E5
Public punishment can be pretty mean too, who knows what cruel fantasies people have about him and his feet.

Ummm first of all you're not supposed to be talking and also we don't care about your opinions or feelings. Of course you're not getting any revenge, just take your punishment and be thankful for it you precious lil bugboi.

@Silver Bristle
@Background Pony #05E5