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2b2t is an anarchy Minecraft server with no rules, which leads to it being pretty much a digital wasteland, especially around the spawn area. Most of it is just dangerous pitfalls, Withers and endless stone lavacasts with no food in sight — starvation is inevitable. The valley of wheat is one of the most known places of salvation, as it has plenty of wheat and other resources to make food out of

This here is a mapart (art made by placing tens of thousands of blocks to form an image on a map) of our favorite trio from Fallout: Equestria finding the valley of wheat in the vast wasteland of 2b2t

Of course, this is just a Minecraft server and the stories about it are overly dramatized, but I think the narrative fits really well with FoE; I've noticed so many things in common between FoE's and 2b2t's story

The original vectors used as reference for the pixel art are not by me
safe (1520464) artist:rebane2001 (9) oc (583683) oc:calamity (638) oc:littlepip (3646) oc:velvet remedy (968) pegasus (222221) pony (796969) unicorn (244485) fallout equestria (14675) 2b2t (5) battle saddle (302) clothes (389330) cowboy hat (12082) dashite (428) dithering (28) fanfic (9957) fanfic art (12326) female (846106) fire (9455) flying (32676) grin (31015) gun (13494) hat (72073) hooves (15768) horn (36842) male (288715) map art (1) mare (386831) minecraft (2006) nether portal (7) netherrack (2) pipbuck (3140) pixel art (8806) prone (22090) rifle (3202) smiling (201873) stallion (85870) vault suit (3100) weapon (25440) wings (66045)


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