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Nah but seriously, I haven’t even seen the last season yet, just bits and pieces of the last episode on IG, and this right here got me lads. (I’m over here waiting for it to hit Netflix) When your childhood and early teen years fav and your current fav(??) hook up~

I’ve always loved Rainbow Dash sense i was a little kid, that’s a given. She’s still probably my favorite. But surprisingly I’ve grown to love AJ a lot? Which is odd because I never really cared for her a few years back. I guess over time she’s really grown on me a ton, I now proudly consider her a fav now. She’s very good. (Don't ask me to explain why, because I don’t know. I’m just enjoying this as I go along. I really love Applejack episodes)

This was just a warm up doodle I did, and ended up finishing it. I could ramble on about more things, but I’m just here to present this and go work on other stuff. (Gotta love guilty pleasure stuff)
safe (1521140) artist:sugartabby72600 (2) applejack (154835) rainbow dash (213632) earth pony (178893) pegasus (220809) pony (795759) the last problem (3286) spoiler:s09e26 (3564) appledash (5137) cutie mark (37828) feathered fetlocks (345) female (845340) heart (41215) lesbian (88871) lidded eyes (22811) looking at each other (14838) mare (386265) older (21485) older applejack (456) older rainbow dash (504) prone (22106) shipping (176706) simple background (323775) smiling (201934) transparent background (169067) white outline (431)


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