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That's it Chryssi, let it all out.
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Background Pony #FBFD
"No it's too late for sorry"

Turns her to stone and shatters her into a million pieces scattered across the universe, making it virtually impossible for her to be restored.
Background Pony #20ED

It's an image here meaning that you will only see that if you don't have such content filtered. And if you don't have an account then it will be automatically hidden with the Default filter. That's why it's ok to post on a Safe image.
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Background Pony #B877
Chrysalis does not deserve redemption. The show would have been so much better if every single villain in the show was given the death penalty, violently executed in the worst way possible. No second chances. No redemptions. Give Starlight and Princess Luna capital punishment, for it is what they deserve. Fact, I think every single pony or creature in the show should be executed for their crimes. Nobody deserves redemption. Nobody deserves a second chance. Honestly I think everypony and everycreature (even Twilight) should've burned in tartarus from the start.
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The one from Fimfic

The shooting had been growing quieter, but then it just stopped. It died in spurts and weezes, but soon the troopers were able to advance from their cover, ready to call for more mortars in a heartbeat if anything so much as coughed. Under protection from their overwatch, they advanced across the palace promenade with raised weapons. The ground was carpeted in corpses and slick with blood. It stank like iron and shit. Over spit skulls, several limbs, and spilled intestines they went, fingers still on triggers. Shining Armor grew tense. She had to be here. She just had to be. There was not a living changeling anywhere he could see. She had to be here; there was no way out through the blocking detachments and the assault force. Corpse after corpse he passed, until he saw a body bigger than the others. He couldn't see the face, a bullet had blown the jaw clean off, she was more raw burger than anything else. Ichors, piss, and shit pooled around her, floating in the copious blood. She was twice the size of any other, and the only one without weapon or equipment. He spat on her, then he said with an empty fury, "I guess you're gone. Rot." He reared up and stomped on the mutilated head, over and over. He fired four rounds into the dead body. "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Burn in hell," he spat on her again. "You're lucky I didn't find you alive."