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Meet Sugary Treat ;3

Born from mixed parentage of a pony and an Abyssinian, Sugary is a cat/pony hybrid :3
Her parents run a sweet store, where she helps work. She has a very sweet tooth, and she always has a craving for chocolate XD

She is a very friendly mare, and she likes to bake and cook for herself in her spare time.
safe (1525039) artist:bublebee123 (56) oc (574835) oc only (394113) oc:sugary treat (2) cat (4966) cat pony (304) hybrid (13963) original species (21045) pony (800048) bell (3517) bell collar (1860) claws (4331) clothes (388703) collar (27269) female (849927) grin (31207) mare (389040) markings (870) paws (4128) raised hoof (36601) raised leg (6369) simple background (325445) smiling (202995) socks (54037) solo (938741) striped socks (18353) transparent background (169826)


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