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suggestive165184 artist:racoonsan632 fluttershy231527 rainbow dash253259 human186098 animated108813 anime6363 barefoot31389 bed47600 bedroom eyes68835 big breasts99639 blanket6271 blinking4446 breasts324193 busty fluttershy19913 clothes533372 dashdom221 dress51289 feet46547 female1536741 femdom9119 femsub12454 flutterdash4891 fluttersub507 geode of fauna2295 geode of super speed2971 gif37823 humanized107185 imminent tickles184 implied groping17 jacket15282 leggings2514 lesbian105614 magical geodes10902 pillow21265 shipping222526 shirt30359 sitting on person969 submissive20508 t-shirt5414 tongue out121811


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Non-Fungible Trixie -

Just how much taller than Dash is Fluttershy!?
I think it fits. Flutters has a tall model figure while Dash is more of the small and fast athletic type.

AKA CapNTilfy of FimFic!
This sort of animation reminds me of those creepy cutscenes in early 90s PC horror games. Kinda like Dark Seed.
That’s not a criticism, it’s just an observation.
I really do like this picture.