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NOTE: I did not make this. All credit goes to the original artist.

Sunset and Rarity are given headphones that constantly play the Dazzlings' hypnotic music.
safe (1520054) artist:supercasket (4) rarity (165194) sunset shimmer (54761) equestria girls (172447) barrette (350) belt (4131) bliss (115) boots (17526) bracelet (7342) clothes (389136) cutie mark (37806) cutie mark on clothes (804) female (845371) headphones (6402) hypnosis (2771) hypnotized (1244) implied dazzlings (16) jacket (9881) jewelry (45815) leather jacket (2744) lidded eyes (22759) music (2443) patreon (11134) poster (4630) shirt (19477) shoes (27384) skirt (34107) smiling (201729) standing (9356) table (7750)


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Background Pony #8032
Editor:thomasfan45 hi my name is Zachary Vincent James pietrolungo and I am a fan of thomas and friends and my little pony like you do! In addition I also I'm also a fan of the wizard of Oz and wishbone the dog as well and everything(from fast and furious and the twilight series)in between you know I Promise that I will leave you alone and maybe someday I will earn the rights to be your friend because after all friendship is magic and for now I will never ever bug you again I promise ps I love your work though and 😢💟💘❤🌈😆 if you forgive me i will be very happy okay? Deal??