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Name: Honeycrisp
Nickname(s): Honeycrisp Bartlett Apple (full name), Honey, Hon, Miss Honey (by her students), Buttercup (by Big Mac), Flamingo (by Somerset)
Age: 20
Birthday: May 2
Parents: Cheerilee and Big Macintosh, Twilight Sparkle (stepmother), Sugar Belle (stepmother)
Siblings: Discovery (older brother), Somerset Sour Cider (younger half-sibling), Dusk Star (stepbrother), Galaxy Guard (stepsister)
Future Spouse: Solomon
Children: Chelsea (future daughter), Wheat Grass (future adoptive son), Amphritite (future adoptive daughter)
Cheerful and sweet as honey, Honeycrisp sure lives up to her name! She has the right temperament for her job as a schoolteacher, being so good with kids and friendly to just about everyone she meets. However, just because she’s nice doesn’t mean she tolerates bullshit. Behind her smile is a no-nonsense attitude which makes for good classroom management, but also a lack of patience. Honey doesn’t let a lot slide and can be a bit too quick to frustrate, giving her a cynical streak. Still, it comes in handy as her bullshit detector can sense all kinds of hooey that many wouldn’t notice.
Honey has a very positive relationship with both of her parents, even though they aren’t together. She definitely has the most in common with Cheerilee, who inspired her teaching career. Not that she isn’t close with Big Mac too, as she spends plenty of time with him and the Apples, but Big Mac choosing sides in sibling conflicts makes for some occasional tension. The same goes for Honey’s paternal stepmother Sugar Belle, but both she and her maternal stepmother Twilight Sparkle are very kind mares regardless.
Growing up, Honey was very close with her brother Discovery. Having a sibling who had unique ways of socializing and learning taught Honey a lot about the different needs ponies have, which informed her teaching career later in life. However, her sibling Somerset is an annoying little brat who torments Honey constantly and manipulates the rest of the family in their favor. Since Discovery usually takes their side, Honey’s relationship with him hasn’t been the same. As for her stepsibings, she gets along with Dusk well enough, but she’s well aware Galaxy doesn’t like her so she steers clear of her.
Whenever Discovery invites his friend Solomon over, Honey’s heart can’t help but skip a beat! She has a huge crush on him that he reciprocates, and neither are very good at hiding it. In their interactions together, Honey has found that she and Solomon have a lot in common, including shared ideas on education and an equal lack of tolerance for Somerset’s bullshit. It’s more than just a schoolfoal crush with those two!
As a teacher, Honey loves all of her students and strives to teach them as best she can, but one colt in particular has a huge crush on her. One would expect Motocross to fail from not paying attention to the lesson, but instead he seems to use Honey’s approval as a motivator to get higher grades. Honey appreciates that he’s at least learning, but pairs him up with other fillies in his class (especially Flower Power) to try to get him to find another motivator.
Cutie Mark:
Books and apples are telltale symbols of teachers, and it shows on Honeycrisp’s flank. Of course, to no surprise, the apple also symbolizes her close ties to the Apple family. The rainbow shows her ability to go above and beyond in teaching a spectrum of students and working to meet their individual needs. Honeycrisp, like her mother before her, is what any aspiring teacher should strive to be!


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