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Name: Discovery
Nickname(s): Dis, Disco, Appa Tree (by Somerset)
Age: 24
Birthday: October 21
Parents: Cheerilee and Big Macintosh, Twilight Sparkle (stepmother), Sugar Belle (stepmother)
Siblings: Honeycrisp (younger sister), Somerset Sour Cider (younger half-sibling), Dusk Star (stepbrother), Galaxy Guard (stepsister)
Future Spouse: Primrose
Children: Wind Flash (future stepdaughter), Brilliant Blood-Rose (future daughter), Rome Pomme (future son)
A well-educated stallion, the lightbulb on Discovery’s flank is as bright as his mind. When something interests him, he soaks up knowledge like a sponge and throws himself all in to the subject. This is something he attributes to his Asperger’s syndrome, seeing it as an advantage more than anything. However, Discovery is also very sensitive to noise and hectic social situations, becoming overstimulated very easily. While not exactly shy, he prefers quieter settings where he can focus, and values the company of ponies he knows well. While he is extremely intelligent, Discovery is quite humble, preferring to make himself known as an ordinary country stallion who’s trying his best.
Discovery has always been close with both of his parents. With a passion for learning yet a more reserved nature, he has things in common with both of them that they can bond over. Plus, Cheerilee and Big Mac were always supportive of and willing to accommodate his needs as a foal, and they still are today. Discovery loves nothing more than a quiet stroll with his father or a nice mane-brushing from his mother.
Although having little siblings was nothing but a constant sensory overload when they were screaming babies, Discovery grew to be very close with both of his siblings as they matured. Honeycrisp was always eager to learn about his needs as a pony on the autism spectrum, and as he helped her learn she helped him socialize more. And Somerset is just the sweetest little sibling who Discovery adores showering with attention, though Honey doesn’t seem to agree. As for his stepsiblings, Dusk has been a friend of his since before their mothers married so they get on well, but Galaxy has made it clear that she doesn’t like him.
Despite being a small-town country stallion, Discovery is in a loving relationship with Primrose, a beautiful Canterlot elite mare. He is head over hooves in love with her and would do anything for her, including learn a new language so he can understand her better. That’s exactly what he’s doing, and plans to surprise her with his new Prench proficiency when he proposes to her. But first, he has to get over his nerves that make it hard to say anything.
Solomon is friend from college that Discovery is still quite close with. Both very intelligent stallions, they have a lot in common, though Solomon seems to be the more socially-perceptive of the two. Neither ever fit in with the elites in Canterlot, but they do fit in with each other. And someday, Discovery might get to welcome Solomon into his family as a brother-in-law.
Cutie Mark:
Discovery has a bright mind and it shows in his cutie mark. With a focus on pomology (the science of apples) but a ton of knowledge about any subject that interests him, Discovery has a lot of great ideas and a thirst to learn more. The apple also shows how close he is with his family. No matter where life takes him, the apple will never fall too far from the tree.


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