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safe1749456 artist:uotapo959 cozy glow7718 diamond tiara10400 queen chrysalis35438 silver spoon6644 equestria girls206831 belly button81180 belt5845 blue eyes5706 blushing204469 braided ponytail289 cellphone3908 clothes475593 compression shorts1328 cozybetes1234 cute205580 cute little fangs2195 cutealis2172 denim shorts733 diamondbetes537 dress46028 equestria girls-ified10084 fangs26646 glasses64499 hand on hip7490 iphone647 jewelry68112 laughing8289 legs8817 looking at you175488 midriff19832 necklace20340 open mouth154083 phone6702 sexy30679 short shirt1617 shorts14528 side slit1443 silverbetes303 skirt41046 thighs15046 young1640 younger17755


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I got bullied in high school and tried to stop it, only to want to be bullied now, by lolies.<3 *Shigh<3!* I want them to step on me, smile smuggly and then laugh.~<3
Background Pony #5CEE
Weird croess between anime and Mean Girls. As a tech nerd, Diamond Tiara's iPhone 11 Pro takes the cake tho.
Background Pony #2390
So we have the bossy one with the rich dad who is the de facto leader, the hanger on who is also from a wealthy family but mainly just backs up the leader, the manipulative one who can get away with anything because the guise of cuteness effectively hides the moral abyss lurking within, and finally, the one who makes adults very uncomfortable.

Quite the team.
Neko Majin C
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Twilight's Westley
Chrysalis' expression looks like she does not want to do this, but she is just going along with the group because she does not want them to gang up on her.