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suggestive165466 artist:longinius881 artist:vest421 color edit8219 edit150395 princess celestia102449 alicorn261242 anthro300703 alcohol8422 alternate hairstyle32123 ass63401 beach18396 bedroom eyes69018 big breasts99942 bikini21519 bikini bottom1436 braid7407 braless1275 breast squeeze1622 breasts324857 busty princess celestia11712 butt149454 chubby14782 clothes534390 colored21403 dialogue75975 digital art24165 dock58645 drink6090 female1539336 flirting1981 huge breasts46291 looking at you204184 looking back69550 looking back at you20874 looking down11126 looking down at you913 looking over shoulder4312 mare579546 nudity430681 partial nudity24146 plump7787 praise the sun2206 side-tie bikini487 solo1213091 solo female199849 stool1932 stupid sexy celestia1828 sunbutt4744 swimsuit33510 tail hole1520 talking to viewer3842 the ass was fat17393 thong swimsuit909 topless15269 underboob4423 wave570 yellow swimsuit132


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Duke of Milfton
Makes sense to me. I wouldn’t want to disrespect their wishes either. I’m honestly happy with the way it is already; I just knew someone was going to say it, so it might as well be me. Lol
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@Premium Rush  
Tough call. Longinius does like to retain control over his lines, and doesn’t like other artists removing elements during the color pass. I wouldn’t want to disrespect the artist by making an edit against his wishes, even a small one like that.
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The clop comic dub king
That is the most majestic butt I’ve ever seen. Those curves, the size…it all fits SO perfectly! Thanks for making my day brighter :3