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Jonny Manz
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I am who I am
@Background Pony #B4D5
I mean, what I read from some of their scenes in season 8, I felt Gallus and Silverstream complement each other very well. Gallus has a grounding effect on her, so she doesn’t get lost on flights of fantasy (this can be seen in What Lies Beneath especially), while she helps to lift him up from the dark places he can get stuck in from his past (admittedly, this is a bit of an extrapolation, but look at The Hearth’s Warming Club — how, when they learn of Gallus’s crappy past, she’s the first one to try to cheer him up, and also the first one to offer to stay behind to celebrate the holiday with him).

I also think they can relate to each other, with both of them having had crappy pasts (I mean, Silverstream’s reaction to the Storm King in What Lies Beneath convinced me of that) — it’s just a matter of how crappy, I suppose, and how they both dealt with it (which comes down to individual personality as well).

Of the other Young Six, I think the only one that had a crappy past was Ocellus, but I feel she related better to Smolder, what with their struggles with identity issues.

Of course, those dynamics kind of took a back seat in season 9, but then, so did the Young Six in general, for the most part. That’s a big reason why I’m probably one of the few people who liked season 8 more than season 9.

@Background Pony #A151
True, can’t argue with that, haha
Background Pony #B4D5
@Jonny Manz

But what fuel exactly? I mean sure the two were together in scenes, but honestly I didn't really take it as anything romantic wise. Unless we're just going by however X amount of scenes they were in. I mean apart from being birds, what do Gallus and Silverstream have in common?

Not knocking those that ship them, but it's just something I notice. Gallus and Smolder, have more a dynamic together and the comics also show this too.
Background Pony #A151
@Jonny Manz
Fair enough, I like to think of that bit as shipping fuel. Plus the scene above looks as if they're in couples counselling.
Background Pony #A151
@Jonny Manz
Yeah it did feel as if a relationship between Gallus and Silverstream was being built up, so its just strange that the writers paired off Gallus and Smolder in an episode that had romantic implications within the plot, kinda leads to the assumption of them as a pair being semi canon.
Background Pony #A151
Weird that She's all Yak somewhat canonized Smollus, yet not many seemed to notice.
Background Pony #B4D5

Probably, but maybe we'll get more in the comics too. So here's hoping. If nothing else, more stuff like this could push the ship out.
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*timid squawking*
@Background Pony #B4D5

So much agreed. I always thought Smollus was a neat ship that worked really well in context; both characters are tsunderes and have soft sides underneath their rough exteriors, and both like to crack smartass comments. I think they would get along great in a relationship.

I'm so sad that the ship never really got traction. Maybe if the Student 6 showed up earlier in the show, there would be more exploration of their characters in fanworks.
Background Pony #B4D5

Word, it's a shame the ship doesn't get more love though when they clearly have a lot in common together. Heck even the feats of friendship, they were interacting with one another far more than the rest.